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Flip poker chips between fingers

I carried different sized foreign coins to demonstrate that it could be done with almost any sized coin.
So if you're ready, let's get started!
Again that scissor analogy is the best way I can describe this.
Again, this is a "delicate" move.If you can grab about as much of the coin as I did in this pic you should be on the right track!Step 19: Sliding Away, start to slide your thumb across the underside of your fingers as you rotate your wrist vertical.3 Try adding a third stack.Step 14: Seriously, Aim Far!To begin, move your ring poker ordre combinaison finger across the chip-stack (out and away from your palm putting mild pressure on the chip-stack with inside part of the ring finger.
This is a common coin and poker chip trick that you can easily learn (once I take all the requisite photographs and provide detailed instructions).
Photo 3 zoom As mentioned in the previous step, the middle finger will release from the inner chip and just be hanging in the air.
There may be some difficulty.
Additionally, one digit must be able to hook underneath where the two stacks meet.
Someone else closely watching you shuffle can help you figure out the exact step you're having trouble with.
Step 9: Here We Go Again.
You should be able to pause the video as I am doing it so you can follow along, which really helps.Shuffling three stacks is fundamentally similar to shuffling two stacks but is much more difficult to accomplish.Even better, ask him or her to make a close-up video of you shuffling.While it may seem complicated to pull off, it's actually surprisingly simple.It takes a good amount of time to get decent at this.Your pinky and ring fingers should be up against the other stack.That's not to say you could just pick it up and perform it, but some of that muscle memory does transfer to the other hand (in my experience).I was able to do it in three tries (incredibly slow.for now).