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5 in loterij met gratis museumpas Rikuch, 1 in servante avec roulette Rikuzen, 1 in Mutsu 2 Morioka-han 137,825 137,825 137,825 4 in Rikuch 0 Yamagata-ken 318,467 331,941 32,261 3 in Uzen, 2 in Ugo 0 Hombo-ken 70,709.a.
Miyazaki-ken was annexed to Kagoshima-ken on August 21, 1876, but was split from Kagoshima-ken on May 9, 1883.Helaas heb jij geen Flash geïnstalleerd.According to "Hansei-ichiran population of Ryky is 124,454 (51,751 samurai plus 72,703 commons while that of mainland is 772,354 (192,949 samurai plus 579,405 commons affording 896,808 (244,700 samurai plus 652,108 commons) in total.Prefectural system was only introduced to imperial territories tenry ) which the Meiji government gained from Tokugawa shogunate or the revolted feudal lords daimy while many areas still belonged to local lordship governments.A population of 73 living at the disputed boundary between Nagano-ken and Gifu-ken is included in the total population of Japan.Niihari-ken was split and annexed to Ibaraki- and Chiba-ken on May 7, 1875.A b c Hamada-ken was annexed to Shimane-ken on April 18, 1876.Iwai-ken was split and annexed to Iwate- and Miyazaki-ken on April 18, 1876.Census population for October 1, 2010 is according to the 2010 Population Census of Japan.Hamamatsu-ken was annexed to Shizuoka-ken on August 21, 1876.Population of Okinawa-ken is that surveyed in 1880.
As for prefectural population before 1945, prefectures that constituted official Japan Proper scala reale contro poker or Mainland Japan naichi, inner lands) are only given.
A b c d e Miyakonoj-ken was split and annexed to Kagoshima- and Miyazakia-ken on January 15, 1873.
Hokuj-, Okayama- and Hiroshima-ken were reorganized into Okayama-ken (composed of former Hokuj-ken and majority of Okayama-ken) and Hiroshima-ken (composed of former Hiroshima-ken and part of Okayama-ken) on April 18, 1876.
1 in Harima 1 Mikusa-han 9,371 9,371 9,353 4 in Harima 3 Ono -han 8,146 8,146 8,167 1 in Harima 1 Anji -han 9,812 9,812 9,386 3 in Harima 3 Yamasaki -han 10,247 10,247 10,410 1 in Harima 1 Tsuyama-han 106,337 106,437 106,462.
Meer, zomerfeest, elk jaar genieten we weer van het Pathmos Zomerfeest.Karafuto Prefecture Karafuto-fu ) or Southern Sakhalin was officially incorporated into Japan Proper since March 26, 1943 until the end of the World War II, while Taiwan, Kwantung Leased Territory, Korea and South Pacific Mandate were treated as exterior territories gaichi, outer lands).10 in Hizen 4 Ogi-han 41,183 41,183 33,438 3 in Hizen 3 Shimabara-han 175,044 174,296 175,051 1 in Hizen, 1 in Bungo, 1 in Buzen 3 Hirado-han 149,143 149,143 145,825 2 in Hizen, all in Iki 3 Karatsu-han 62,706 62,705 63,229 1 in Hizen.VLC ) de stream alsnog afspelen.Population of Okinawa was not surveyed.

For details of administrative divisions.
Meer, buurtkrant, om de maand verschijnt er een Pathmos buurtkrant met intressante artikelen en evenementen in de buurt.
Sakai-ken was annexed to saka-fu on February 7, 1881.